Howling at the moon

It seems like it should be easy, but plucking up the courage to have the “thank you for everything” conversation is harder than common sense says it ought to be. Is it going to end up being uncomfortable? Should it be a simple thank you or should I add on the “I’m sorry”? When does it seem attention-seeking and not just a simple message of gratefulness and appreciation? Do I now pretend everything’s OK? Is it better to just say nothing?

Time being depressed swings between assuming everyone hates you, being ashamed of how you’re behaving towards people and the things you’re sharing that they shouldn’t have to deal with, and being humbled and grateful that someone takes the time to listen and try to help. You get used to being dulled, weary and whiny. You desperately try to be lively and fun and not drag others down. And then you fail and weary and whiny wins the battle and so the “thank you for everything” conversation seems necessary.

But maybe somethings are better left unsaid..?



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