Yesterday morning I woke at 6, did a full day’s work, cleaned the house and cried for much of the evening, as is normal at the moment. So by 11.30, I was confident that I was tired enough to sleep. It took about half an hour to drop off. I woke up at  1.30 any again at 3. It’s 5.30 now and I’ve been awake since 3.50, apparently wide awake although common sense tells me that can’t be the case. Finally, after reading for a bit, checking Facebook on and off, reading the news, playing Candy Crush (nothing makes you confrontation own insanity like playing Candy Crush at 4.30 a.m. Or any other time of the day.), coming up with several plans to become a better person and at least one plan to save the world, my eyes are finally getting that prickly, grainy, over-tired feeling that gives me hope to believe sleep may come.

I look back on all those pre-nutjob days and nights of uninterrupted sleep and late morning dozing and am at least grateful that I appreciated them at the time, some instinct informing me of the horror and exhaustion of insomnia long before I ever had the misfortune of experiencing it.

So I’ll once more try to sleep confident at least that I now have a plan to save the world from itself. Goodnight!


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