zwariowany (Polish)

One day I realised I’d lost my mind. I was walking home from work. It was still light; it must have been about 8.15. I remember crossing the road just by the school where the 13 year old kid had killed a supply teacher with a crossbow and suddenly understanding the expression. Suddenly I knew what it was to have your mind go. I couldn’t control my mind anymore. It wouldn’t stop, it wouldn’t focus. It was no longer mine.

I have a less clear recollection of losing myself. That one crept up on me. I slipped away, bit by bit and by the time I realised what was happening, I was gone. A new me has replaced the old one. I don’t like her much. She’s confused and dull, miserable, no fun at all. Worthless and pointless and ugly inside and out. Friendless.

I hope she dies soon. No one will miss her.


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