zoro (Basque): things not to say

Please don’t tell me that it will all get better.

Please don’t say that happiness is a choice.

Please don’t point out that it’s a sunny day and wonder aloud how anyone could stay indoors and feel miserable on a day like today.

Please don’t state that I’ll feel better after a good cry.

Please don’t ask me why I feel like this (I don’t know).

A nice hot bath, a night on the tiles, binge watching comedy, pulling oneself together, just trying a bit harder are all things that have never cured depression.

Don’t call out “cheer up, it might never happen” when you see me dragging my feet along the street.

You don’t need to inform me that lots of people are worse off than me (I know).

Do not tell me to be kind to myself.

Please just be there. Please listen.

Please don’t leave.


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