pazzo (Italian)

A new addition to the general madness… Noise intolerance.

I think this is the noisiest hotel I’ve ever been in. Last night there were TVs blaring along the corridor, doors opening and closing, footsteps up and down stairs, conversations at full volume, bangs and crashes, dogs barking, garage doors screaming, furniture moving, cars alarms blaring… and I lost it. Out of nowhere, I started crying and then the panic set in. At every new noise, it increased. I’m surprised I start screaming “Shut up shut up shut up!” until they came to take me away. Maybe I should have done (although I’m not sure I want to experience South American mental health care – it’s hard enough in English).

In the end,  the only thing I could think of was to cram my headphones as far into my ears as I could and turn up the volume on Netflix as high as it would go. Seems like my own noise is fine… Good thing seeing as these days I can’t bear the silence either… It helped a little but the breathing quickened every time a dog bark or a car alarm seeped through and I didn’t sleep.

Like everything else, I wonder if this is normal.  


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