mambo (swahili)

Some people with problems write blogs and those blogs help other people. When I started writing this, that wasn’t my motivation and now I read back through what I’ve written, I’m glad I wasn’t because this is definitely not going to inspire anyone or teach anyone anything. I don’t have any answers or insights, except perhaps what not to do.

What not to do:

  • make doctor’s appointments and cancel them
  • make doctor’s appointments and then end up telling him everything’s fine
  • don’t even bother to make doctor’s appointments at all because this involves speaking to someone or, worse, phoning them
  • give up on therapy after one session
  • give up on therapy after several sessions
  • decide therapy must be a waste of time because it didn’t work (because you didn’t go)
  • spend days in bed
  • eat non-stop or not at all
  • whine incessantly to people until they disappear
  • avoid people in case they notice you’re not right in the head
  • cancel everything
  • move to another country to escape
  • give up your job and home to travel in order to escape
  • lie and lie and lie
  • “attempt” suicide rather than just actually do it

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