Sorry. I’m sorry. These are the words I said the most at first. And thank you. Over and over again to those people who helped, those who hugged me and listened to me and tried to help.

And all I wanted was a hug and a patient ear. I didn’t need suggestions although I appreciated them. I didn’t ask for advice although I always welcomed it. I was lucky to have some kind and patience people around me. And those hugs and listening ears and encouragement helped so much. I hope they know that.

I’m still grateful for that help even though it’s gone. But patience wears thin. Kindness is taken advantage of and I didn’t know when to back off. So now I don’t have to say sorry and thank you so much.

I can’t speak for other sufferers of depression and anxiety but all I really want is a kind ear and a hug and the occasional Are you OK? Do you need to talk? I’m here. That would help so much. It might even be the difference.

This picture says it better than my mangled words ever could…


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