off your rocker

What I wish people wouldn’t say (but have – including therapists):

Are you feeling better yet?

Aren’t you feeling better yet?

Chin up!

Look on the bright side – some people (have no money/have no family/are dying etc)

You just need to meet people.

Join a meet up group/a team/a club.

Be kind to yourself.

You need to stop worrying about what people think.

Do yoga/meditation/go for a jog – that’ll sort you out.

I think you’re over-reacting.

Well, if you have that attitude, things will never get better.

Just have a nice hot bath and some ice cream and watch a trashy film – that always makes me feel better.

This has gone on long enough; you need to snap out of it!

You should count yourself lucky. There are people in the world with real problems

It’s time to get over it now.

Stop thinking so much.

You need a good night’s sleep, that’s all

Just get really drunk! (Dance the night away, shag a stranger…)

You know nothing’s going to happen, you know you’re safe, you just need to remember that. The dreams aren’t real.


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